We appreciated the step by step list that we were given in order to complete the transaction. Kim also answered all questions/concerns at anytime of the day. Kim made the process easy and answered all questions very well. Thanks Kim! … Stephanie Prister & Patrick Theoret

The best part of the transaction we like the best was our meeting with Kim. She was very helpful and understanding. We are so grateful. The most frustrating part of the transaction is find a lender when you are self-employed. Kim came through for us. Thanks again for the great experience we had with Kim at Dominion Lending. Have a great summer! …Josee Bedard & Francine Groulx

I found Kim to be very knowledgeable compared to the « banks ». She took the time to create and compare mortgage rates with me so I understood them. Understanding this way allowed me more flexibility with my mortgage. She also allowed my parents to sit in on the meetings and they came out informed as well. Kim went above and beyond to make sure she was available to answer all my questions and make sure I really understood what she was teaching me. I found all the sessions worthwhile, taking the time to inform and education yourself so that you know all your options! Thanks Kim you are a great teacher! … Kelly-Anne Cameron, Russell ON

We found the whole process of working with Kim flawless! She is very knowledgeable, organized the whole process extremely well. She provided us with the necessary information and kept us well informed. She simply took care of everything! Thanks again Kim for your outstanding service! …. Sheila Peckford & Ash Babber – Russell, ON

I have been working with Kim for a number of years and I highly recommend her. Kim is always thinking of her clients and keeps on top of everything. She makes the whole process easier. Great to deal with. …Sandra & Richard Noodle, Brampton

Thanks Kim, your efficiency is outstanding! You had everything ready in advance…. Savy Kalivoda, Barrie ON

We found working with Kim to be quick and efficient. What stood out in our minds about the entire process is Kim’s ability to adapt to unique circumstances, and being local to us. Thanks Kim, we appreciated the fact that you kept our special needs and interests in mind! …Harold & Lynn Sohn, Embrun ON

We found Kim to be very helpful, honest, trustworthy, confident and used straight talk with us at all times. We are too satisfied and appreciate the service. We would recommend Kim’s services at any time to all our friends. Thanks Kim for your wonderful service! Gabriel & Merlene Kudiabor, Cambridge ON

Kim is great to deal with!  I have worked with Kim in the past and will keep on doing so as I always feel well supported. The person to person appointment allowed us to walk through the paperwork together at a distance. I can’t think of anything negative about my experience. The whole process as usual was a great experience. Thanks again Kim! …Brett Gellert, Brampton ON

We found Kim to be easy to talk to and easy to work with. Thanks Kim! …Don & Shirley McCormick, Hammond ON