In my 40 years as a mortgage broker I take pride in the fact that I provide unbiased advice and financial council to all my clients. I look at your needs today and in the future when helping you decide what products suit your life style the best.

Understanding your mortgage, what you can and cannot do within the term is essential to setting and reaching financial goals. I will help educate you in the simple approaches to reducing your mortgage and consumer debt. I will not arrange your mortgage and disappear until your mortgage matures. I will stay in contact with mortgage information and news. Contact you annually to make sure finances are on track, and offer suggestions.

Today’s mortgage market is very complicated.  The Federal Government has been making constant changes to the mortgage rules.  These new rules are designed to prevent a US style housing crash. Interest rates vary based on the amount of down payment, the amortization. Whether you are purchasing or refinancing.  If you look up an interest rate online you may not be eligible for that rate.  It is best to call, since all circumstances are different.

Mortgages are so much more than just the interest rate. I would like the opportunity to assist you with your financial decisions. There is no obligation for a consultation and a second opinion. And if after I review your finances, if staying with your current mortgage lender is the best option that is what I will advise. Or if you are new to home ownership I will give you the tools and understanding to paying your mortgage off faster.

I look forward to having the opportunity of working with you.